Thursday, April 30, 2009


I didn't even know what twitter was before this class know I have to get me a dose of twitter everyday. Whether its to update my own status or to look at everybody else. I want to thank the twitter community for helping me out so much. Thanks to everyone in the class for showing me what to do when i had no clue. I enjoyed tweeting and will continue to do it after this class, now that I can do it with the best of them. I think twitter does have a spot in the classroom but I doubt if I would try to use it in mine I would rater stick to Facebook since I know more people on it. When I first signed up on twitter I thought it was complicated but after spending some time on it, I found it to be kind of simple.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WIkipedia to trust or not to trust

I think Wikipedia can be a trusted site for some information but not all. I think for something like a simple book report or the history of a person Wikipedia could be a very useful site. I would not trust Wikipedia with a big time project though. If I was using Wikipedia for a big project I would make sure I had other trusted sources backing it up. If I was assigning my students a project and they decided to use Wikipedia I would make sure to tell those students who are going to use Wikipedia to make sure they have another source.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch' last lecture started off with him telling the audience why it was going to be his last lecture, and it was because he has tumors in his liver. He didn't want to focus on his illness though and he didn't want anybody to fell sorry for him. He said you cannot help the cards you have been dealt but only play your hand. He then went to tell the audience the things he would not be talking about and the things he would be talking about.He had a great sense of humor throughout the video.

The first thing he talked about was his childhood dreams. He talked about brick walls and brick walls make us prove how bad we want something. T he brick walls are not there to keep us out but to make us show how bad we want something. He then went on to talk fundamentals and hard work and how important they are. I love a quote that he had in his PowerPoint and it goes "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you want".

Next he talked about enabling the childhood dreams of others. He went on the CMU and created a course where you made your own VR world. His mentor gave him some great advice when he thought his students had did really well, and that was to tell them they did good but he know they can do better. He said he would be doing the students a disservice if he was to set the bar.

I really enjoyed watching the videos and the quotes he put at the end of the video. He talked about the lesson he has learned thought life. One of them were even you give someone long enough they will show you the good in them. Another one was don't complain work harder his example was when Jackie Robinson played baseball it was put in his contract that he couldn't complain even when people spit on him.

Best of November 2007: Why Wireless?

The article I reviewed was why wireless it was the best of November 2007. In the article a school has just decided to get wireless set throughout the school so it would be available Monday through Friday. It was written by a teacher who writes for the school newsletter. She was asked to inform others why the school was adopting a wireless program, and that is exactly what she did. After reading the article I would have wanted wireless at my school if i didn't already have it.

At the beginning of the article she gave the obviously reasons why a high school should have a wireless network, but then throughout the rest of the article she gave you reasons that you may have never thought of. For instance to prepare them for the next generation, just because you didn't have it when you were in school doesn't mean your child doesn't need it now. She said students need the Internet because "student[s] must know what to do when they don’t know what to do" Overall this was a very good article that I enjoyed reading.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peers Podcast

The first podcast i listened to was YouTube - For Education by Joel Graham, Noelle Shipman and Kimberly Kelly. I didn't know YouTube could be used for educational purposes I have only used it to watch music video. The problem with the podcast I think is you can tell that they read from paper. They had a lot of good points about using YouTube for educational purposes, but u can just tell it wasn't practice how it was going to be said. I think them just practicing would have made the podcast better.

The second podcast i listed to was Possibilities for using Facebook in a educational setting by Allison Midgette and Shaundretta Bethel. I think they should have had what they were going to say laid out or used index cards, because you could here them flipping the paper they were using. I think they should have practiced what they were going to say because the first girl who spoke used um and and a lot. The second girl who spoke you could also hear her keep flipping the paper she was using. They gave a lot of information about Facebook being useful and after listing I could see why they supported Facebook for educational purposes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher ?

This post is about Karl Fisch, a teacher and technology education specialist at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado. He won an award form EduBlog Awards for his blog post "Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher ?" It was nominated as "The Most Influential Post of 2007". Fisch did not expect to win anything, he did not even expect to be nominated. He was just responding to a post written by someone else named Terry Freedman. Freedman wrote a post about 'is it acceptable for a teacher to be technology illiterate?'

Freedman also had proposed a set of standards for teacher which teachers need to follow. I liked reading the post it was very interesting. I also believe that teachers need to keep up with technology. Like he said "If a teacher today is not technologically literate - and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more - it's equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read and write." Teachers must know whats going on with technology just so they can relate to their students. I would think today that every 8 out of ten students today know about Myspace and Facebook and other cites like it. Teachers now can even use technolgy to communicate with their students outside of class.


The First Podcast i listened to was SMARTBoard lessons episode 150. This podcast sounded very professional. It is done by two other teachers. It gave you different websites that you could use as a teacher. You could tell that they had done their research before they started the podcast. It didn't not sound like it was read off of paper it just sounded like a casual conversation between two people. They also read some of the e-mails that they had received from their listeners.

The next podcast i listed to was Kidcast 58 "The Medium Is NOT The Message". It is done by Dan Schmit. He was saying that he was on the Internet listing to podcast and he noticed that a lot of the podcast done by students were done just because they were in a computer class. He says the podcast were done just to show how podcast were done not because the student wanted to do it. He was saying that the teacher should allow the students to do podcast on a subject they wanted to and maybe start doing one every week or every two months or whenever. This podcast was very interesting to me. His podcast sounded very professional also it didn't sound like it was read off of paper.

Third I listened to EdTech Talk number 94 it was done by Arvind Gover, Alex Ragone, and Vinnie Vrotny. It sounded like a sports radio conversation. They had a special guest on this episode named Carol Broos they sounded clear but she sounded like her mouth was on the microphone. She was talking about a DVD she made with other teacher who had won awards. It was pretty boring to me. She was just talking about some video she had did some organization called golden apple.

Lastly i listened to MacBreak Weekly episode 128. It is done by four different dudes this episode was called "I Cannot Confirm Nor Deny". It is usually done by five guys but one was gone off for a sonogram. This podcast also sounded like a sports radio station. One of the men off of this podcast also do the This Week in Photography. I also didn't find this one interesting. It seem like they were never going to get to the topic, they spent like this first ten minutes of the show talking about everything except what the podcast was about.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

International Student Blog 2

The second site i found was In her blog she uses it to communicate with her seventh, eighth, and tenth grade class. She uses it to tell her students about homework and what is due the next day of class. She directs them to websites that can be helpful for them with their projects. This blog came from Traill International School.

International Student Blog

The international student blog I found was In this blog the teacher uses the blog to tell her students about her trip in Greece. She always has something educational in them, except for a couple I read. She is a IT teacher from Austin, Texas. She encourages the student to leave comments and ask questions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ms.Baker Classroom Blog

For my second K-12 classroom blog i chose Ms. Baker 6th grade class at Barber Middle School. The link is After entering the page links are on the left for grades 6th 7th and 8th, i chose 6th after that you can chose a teacher from that grade level page you want to see. Under each teacher name you can choose see blog page or email that teacher. This teacher uses her blog page to let the parents know what the student did in class that day and if they have any work. So after she tells the parent what happen in class that day she puts at the end of the post if the student have homework or not so they can't lie. I think if i had a blog for my class this would defiantly be one of the ways i used it.

Trantwood Elementary School Blog

The blog site i found has the school 1st through 5th grade on it. The link to this site is On the site the teacher post blog to let other teacher and parents know whats going on in the classroom. I looking at it and a a lot of the parents and other teachers come and leave comments under the subject. If you want to leave a comment on the website it takes at least 36 hours for the comment to be approved. I think this was a good way to use a blog in the class room.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shift Happens

That was a very interesting video it was a lot of interesting facts some of the stuff i was reading i could not believe. Like that China is predicted to be the country speaking the most english in 10 years. It is really amazing when you think about how far technology has came. It was amazing to see how long it took radio, t.v. and computers to reach 50 million people.
I can't believe that if all the members of Myspace lived in one country it would be the eight largest. After I watched the video I almost couldn't believe what i seen it was just so mind blowing. I was glad that i seen it it really opened my eyes to how much technology has grown. I can only imagine what our children will be doing and their children. If we have all this access to technology now i know our parent think we have came a long way.


ACESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators, and Students Statewide. This program started in 2006. It offers advance diploma course, dual enrollment courses, remediation courses, advanced placement courses, and other courses that the school may not offerer. The program is distant learning and the teacher who is teaching the course specializes it that subject. I never heard of this program before this class even though i graduated in 05 but i ask my sister and they don't have it at our high school. I think it is a pretty good program overall.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


ALEX is a website that was built for students and teachers. When you first go to the web site it has eight different catorgories you can choose from. It has a course of study so you can know what your students need to be learning. You can choose from different lesson plans that may help you out. It has web links for students, teachers, and administrators. It has this link for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide(ACCESS) which is distant learning for students in school. This is a really cool website which i think any teacher could find helpful.

I think when i finally begin teaching my own classroom that alex would be very helpful. Especially when it comes to lesson plans and things for the students to do on the computer. I can really see ALEX helping a me plan out my next day no matter what grade level I am teaching.

About Me

Well about me i am from Montgomery, Al I am down in mobile going to south because i just wanted to get out of Montgomery and move away from home. When i first came to South i thought it was going to be kind of boring but I have made a lot of new friends and we have fun all the time. I like playing basketball and football, I also like playing madden on my PlayStation. Mobile isn't as bad as the people who live here make it out to be, you just got to find something to do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Begging of school

School has started out pretty fun so far even though i wasn't ready to come back.I am taking 15 hours this semester instead of 18 like i have been doing lately. i hope i have a good semester.