Thursday, March 5, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch' last lecture started off with him telling the audience why it was going to be his last lecture, and it was because he has tumors in his liver. He didn't want to focus on his illness though and he didn't want anybody to fell sorry for him. He said you cannot help the cards you have been dealt but only play your hand. He then went to tell the audience the things he would not be talking about and the things he would be talking about.He had a great sense of humor throughout the video.

The first thing he talked about was his childhood dreams. He talked about brick walls and brick walls make us prove how bad we want something. T he brick walls are not there to keep us out but to make us show how bad we want something. He then went on to talk fundamentals and hard work and how important they are. I love a quote that he had in his PowerPoint and it goes "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you want".

Next he talked about enabling the childhood dreams of others. He went on the CMU and created a course where you made your own VR world. His mentor gave him some great advice when he thought his students had did really well, and that was to tell them they did good but he know they can do better. He said he would be doing the students a disservice if he was to set the bar.

I really enjoyed watching the videos and the quotes he put at the end of the video. He talked about the lesson he has learned thought life. One of them were even you give someone long enough they will show you the good in them. Another one was don't complain work harder his example was when Jackie Robinson played baseball it was put in his contract that he couldn't complain even when people spit on him.

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