Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shift Happens

That was a very interesting video it was a lot of interesting facts some of the stuff i was reading i could not believe. Like that China is predicted to be the country speaking the most english in 10 years. It is really amazing when you think about how far technology has came. It was amazing to see how long it took radio, t.v. and computers to reach 50 million people.
I can't believe that if all the members of Myspace lived in one country it would be the eight largest. After I watched the video I almost couldn't believe what i seen it was just so mind blowing. I was glad that i seen it it really opened my eyes to how much technology has grown. I can only imagine what our children will be doing and their children. If we have all this access to technology now i know our parent think we have came a long way.

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