Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The First Podcast i listened to was SMARTBoard lessons episode 150. This podcast sounded very professional. It is done by two other teachers. It gave you different websites that you could use as a teacher. You could tell that they had done their research before they started the podcast. It didn't not sound like it was read off of paper it just sounded like a casual conversation between two people. They also read some of the e-mails that they had received from their listeners.

The next podcast i listed to was Kidcast 58 "The Medium Is NOT The Message". It is done by Dan Schmit. He was saying that he was on the Internet listing to podcast and he noticed that a lot of the podcast done by students were done just because they were in a computer class. He says the podcast were done just to show how podcast were done not because the student wanted to do it. He was saying that the teacher should allow the students to do podcast on a subject they wanted to and maybe start doing one every week or every two months or whenever. This podcast was very interesting to me. His podcast sounded very professional also it didn't sound like it was read off of paper.

Third I listened to EdTech Talk number 94 it was done by Arvind Gover, Alex Ragone, and Vinnie Vrotny. It sounded like a sports radio conversation. They had a special guest on this episode named Carol Broos they sounded clear but she sounded like her mouth was on the microphone. She was talking about a DVD she made with other teacher who had won awards. It was pretty boring to me. She was just talking about some video she had did some organization called golden apple.

Lastly i listened to MacBreak Weekly episode 128. It is done by four different dudes this episode was called "I Cannot Confirm Nor Deny". It is usually done by five guys but one was gone off for a sonogram. This podcast also sounded like a sports radio station. One of the men off of this podcast also do the This Week in Photography. I also didn't find this one interesting. It seem like they were never going to get to the topic, they spent like this first ten minutes of the show talking about everything except what the podcast was about.

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