Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peers Podcast

The first podcast i listened to was YouTube - For Education by Joel Graham, Noelle Shipman and Kimberly Kelly. I didn't know YouTube could be used for educational purposes I have only used it to watch music video. The problem with the podcast I think is you can tell that they read from paper. They had a lot of good points about using YouTube for educational purposes, but u can just tell it wasn't practice how it was going to be said. I think them just practicing would have made the podcast better.

The second podcast i listed to was Possibilities for using Facebook in a educational setting by Allison Midgette and Shaundretta Bethel. I think they should have had what they were going to say laid out or used index cards, because you could here them flipping the paper they were using. I think they should have practiced what they were going to say because the first girl who spoke used um and and a lot. The second girl who spoke you could also hear her keep flipping the paper she was using. They gave a lot of information about Facebook being useful and after listing I could see why they supported Facebook for educational purposes.

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